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Today, we’ll discuss some of the hottest wood flooring trends you should consider.

This blog will update you on contemporary wood flooring trends and industry news. We’re passionate about wood and the endless possibilities it facilitates when choosing a floor, which is why every team member is always on the hunt for the most innovative flooring techniques.

Here, we’ll cut to the crux of the subject, giving you the detail that matters. We’ve got our eyes on the ball, so if there’s something new to report, rest assured you’ll hear it here first. Our debut blog explores the latest wood flooring trends.

Raise the white flag

Clean, classic and contemporary – nothing comes close to the elegance of a pure, brilliant white. Mix with wood, and you’re getting somewhere. Although white-washed wood flooring isn’t a ‘new’ phenomenon, it makes it onto our list for its latest resurgence. Delve a little deeper, and you’ll discover more shades of white than you might think. Each can be used on wood flooring for its distinctive effect, so consider these tips. Try a glacier white on hand-sanded timber for a clean, minimalist look with natural undertones. After something a little ‘warmer’? Try a contemporary sail white on your boards for a beach-ready look that oozes class and sophistication. Whitewood does open up a room, so consider it today and take your home or commercial space somewhere new.

Keep options wide-open

Wide boards are a novel way of using small spaces to maximum effect. Utilised in the right way and under expert hands, this new flooring trend can make narrow rooms seem wider and short rooms longer. We’d encourage those who think their home or commercial space is too small for wide boards to believe otherwise, as, under explicit guidance and application, this modern flooring development has the potential to bring your project to life.

Put it all on black

Black flooring is one modern trend you’d have done well to miss. From luxury penthouse apartments to airport departure lounges, it seems 2016 was the year to make a statement judging by the resurgence of black. While not for everyone, choosing black wood for your commercial or domestic space needn’t be daunting. Be it a brash jet-black staircase or a subtle coffee-stained foyer, let your imagination run wild, as this timeless choice will never go out of fashion.

See old through new eyes

Our final selection in this post is an innovative technique justified by its growing popularity. Reclaimed wood flooring has come back of late, and there’s no sign of it going away anytime soon. Not everyone has the time or luxury to wait for an authentic piece of old floor to present itself from some far-flung restoration project. In truth, more of us are happy to accept a convincing substitute so long as we can have it there and then. Here at Martin Allen, we’re rather handy at making new wood look old, so why not ask us about doing so today?

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