Wood Floor Sanding

Wood Floor Sanding

Restore the Beauty of Your Wood Floors with Martin Allen Flooring

Discover the transformative power of professional wood floor sanding with Martin Allen Flooring. Our expert craftsmen blend traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to breathe new life into your wooden floors, enhancing their natural beauty and durability. Serving Leicester and surrounding areas, we specialise in wood floor renovation, ensuring your wooden floors look stunning and stand the test of time.

Wood floor sanding is essential for maintaining and revitalising your hardwood floors. This meticulous process removes surface imperfections, revealing a smooth and flawless finish. At Martin Allen, we use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly materials to ensure a dust-free and efficient sanding process, minimising disruption to your home or business.

Our comprehensive wood floor renovation services cater to various flooring types, including oak, maple, and cherry. Whether you have solid hardwood or engineered wood floors, our skilled team can restore them to their original lustre. We also provide custom staining and finishing options to match your desired aesthetic.

Choosing Martin Allen Flooring means investing in unparalleled expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our local knowledge and attention to detail ensures that every project is completed to the highest standards. Transform your space with beautifully sanded and refinished wood floors that enhance your property’s value and charm.

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What is Wood Floor Sanding?

Wood Flooring

Wood floor sanding is a professional service designed to restore and rejuvenate hardwood floors by removing surface imperfections, scratches, and stains. This process involves sanding down the top layer of the wood to reveal a fresh, smooth surface ready for refinishing. This enhances the wood’s natural beauty and durability, making it look new again.

This essential part of wood floor renovation is particularly beneficial for floors with years of wear and tear. The sanding process improves the appearance of your floors and extends their lifespan, making it a cost-effective alternative to complete floor replacement.

Wood floor sanding suits various hardwood floors, including oak, maple, cherry, and more. It can be customised to match your desired colour and aesthetic, providing a protective finish that enhances the wood’s beauty and durability.

Professional wood floor sanding ensures top-quality results whether you want to refresh the floors in your home, office, or commercial space. This service improves the look of your floors and preserves their condition for years to come.

For more information on the benefits and process of wood floor sanding, contact your local experts and transform your space with beautifully restored hardwood floors.


Benefits of Wood Floor Sanding



Removes scratches, dents, and stains
Reveals the natural grain and colour of the wood
Enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your space


Prevents further damage and wear
Strengthens the wood by removing weakened top layers
Protects with a new finish for added durability


More affordable than replacing the entire floor
Increases the value of your property
Offers a fresh look without extensive remodeling


Eliminates splinters and uneven surfaces
Reduces the risk of tripping hazards
Provides a smooth, clean finish for better hygiene

Transform Your Space with Expert Wood Floor Sanding

Enhance the beauty and longevity of your wood floors with our professional sanding services. Let our experts bring your floors back to life.

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Why Choose Martin Allen Flooring?

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With over 36 years of experience, Martin Allen has established itself as a leader in wood flooring and renovation. Our skilled team brings unparalleled knowledge and precision to every project, ensuring superior results. Our expertise spans residential and commercial properties across Leicester and nearby areas, making us the go-to choice for quality flooring solutions.


Being based in Leicester, we have an in-depth understanding of the local architectural styles and flooring preferences. Our team is dedicated to serving the community and offering personalised solutions that cater to the unique needs of homes and businesses in Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, and beyond. Trust Martin Allen to provide exceptional service and quality craftsmanship that reflects our commitment to the local area.


At Martin Allen, we use only the best materials and advanced techniques to ensure your wood floors look stunning and last for years. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail sets us apart, providing you with beautiful, durable floors that enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your property. Choose us for wood floor sanding and renovation services that meet the highest standards.

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Our Process

Our meticulous process ensures a seamless wood floor sanding experience, delivering exceptional results every time.

Our expert flooring consultants will meet with you to understand your vision, assess the space, and discuss your requirements. We consider subfloor conditions, moisture levels, and environmental considerations to recommend the most suitable solutions.

  • Comprehensive site evaluation
  • Detailed discussion of design preferences
  • Analysis of traffic patterns and usage requirements
  • Moisture testing and subfloor assessment

We use advanced, dust-free sanding equipment to remove old finishes and any surface damage, ensuring a smooth and even surface.

  • State-of-the-art dust-free machinery
  • Removal of old finishes and surface damage
  • Smoothing and levelling for a perfect finish

(Optional) We offer custom staining options to match your desired colour and aesthetic, followed by a protective finish to enhance the wood’s beauty and durability.

  • Wide range of custom stains
  • Application of protective finishes like polyurethane or oil
  • Ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability

After the sanding and finishing process, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure everything meets our high standards. We will also guide you in maintaining your newly finished floors.

  • Detailed final inspection
  • Personalised maintenance tips and guidance
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction with the final result

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to have a floor professionally sanded in the UK?

A: The cost varies based on the size of the area, the condition of the floors, and the type of finish desired. On average, professional wood floor sanding in the UK can range from £12 to £25 per square metre.

Q: Why is floor sanding so expensive?

A: Floor sanding involves specialised equipment, skilled labour, and high-quality finishes, contributing to the overall cost. The process ensures a smooth, durable, and visually appealing finish that enhances the longevity and appearance of your wood floors.

Q: Is it cheaper to re-sand hardwood floors?

A: Re-sanding existing hardwood floors is generally more cost-effective than replacing them. It can restore the original beauty and extend the life of your floors without the higher expense of new installations.

Q: Can you sand your own wood floors?

A: While it’s possible to sand your own wood floors, specialised equipment and skills are required to achieve a professional finish. DIY sanding can be time-consuming and may lead to uneven results or damage to the wood if not done correctly.

Q: What tools do you use to sand a wooden floor?

A: Professional floor sanding typically involves using industrial-grade, dust-free sanding machines, edgers, and specialised hand tools to reach corners and edges. These tools ensure a smooth, even finish and minimise dust and mess during the process.

Q: Is it worth sanding floorboards yourself?

A: Sanding floorboards yourself can save money but may not deliver the same quality finish as a professional service. Consider your skill level, the equipment needed, and the potential risks before deciding on a DIY approach.

Q: Is it worth sanding floorboards?

A: Yes, sanding floorboards is worth it. It rejuvenates the appearance, removes imperfections, and extends the life of your wood floors. It also enhances the value of your property by providing a fresh, polished look.

Q: How does wood floor sanding add value to my home?

A: Wood floor sanding restores the natural beauty of your floors, making them look new and well-maintained. This improvement can increase the aesthetic appeal and market value of your home.

Q: What are the benefits of professional wood floor sanding?

A: Professional wood floor sanding ensures a smooth, even finish, removes surface damage, and prepares the floor for staining or sealing. It also minimises dust and mess with advanced equipment, delivering superior results to DIY methods.

Q: What is the process of wood floor sanding?

A: The process involves assessing the condition of the floor, using specialised sanding machines to remove the old finish and surface imperfections, and applying a new finish for protection and aesthetic appeal.

Q: How long does the wood floor sanding process take?

A: The duration depends on the size and condition of the floor. Typically, a standard room can take 1-2 days to sand and finish, while larger areas or floors in poor condition may take longer.

Q: What finishes are available after sanding?

A: After sanding, you can choose from various finishes, including polyurethane, oil-based, water-based, and custom stains. Each finish offers different benefits regarding durability, appearance, and maintenance.

Q: Do you offer wood floor sanding services in Leicester?

A: Yes, Martin Allen Flooring provides expert wood floor sanding services throughout Leicester and nearby areas. Our local team has extensive experience in handling various regional wood flooring projects.

Q: Why choose a local Leicester company for wood floor sanding?

A: Choosing a local company like Martin Allen ensures quick response times, personalised service, and a deep understanding of local architectural styles and customer preferences. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results that meet your specific needs.

Q: Do you offer emergency wood floor sanding services in Leicester?

A: Yes, Martin Allen Flooring provides emergency wood floor sanding services in Leicester and nearby areas. Our team is equipped to handle urgent projects with prompt and efficient service to minimise disruption.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing a local Leicester-based company for wood floor sanding?

A: Choosing a local company like Martin Allen ensures you receive personalised service, quick response times, and a deep understanding of local architectural styles and customer preferences. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality results tailored to your specific needs.

Q: Can you provide references or case studies from previous Leicester-based projects?

A: Absolutely. We have a portfolio of successful projects completed in Leicester and the surrounding areas. Contact us to view case studies and references from satisfied clients.

Q: How do I maintain my sanded wood floors?

A: Regular maintenance includes sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt and debris, using appropriate cleaning products, and applying protective pads to furniture legs. Periodic reapplication of finish can also help maintain the floor’s appearance and durability.

Q: How often should I sand my wood floors?

A: The sanding frequency depends on the traffic and wear level. Generally, wood floors may need sanding every 7-10 years, but high-traffic areas might require more frequent attention.

Q: What cleaning products are safe for sanded wood floors?

A: Use pH-neutral, non-abrasive cleaning products specifically designed for wood floors. Avoid harsh chemicals and excessive water, damaging the finish and wood.

Q: Can wood floor sanding change the colour of my floors?

A: After sanding, you can stain your floors in various colours to achieve the desired look. This allows you to customise the appearance of your wood floors to match your interior decor.

Q: What design options are available after sanding wooden floors?

A: Post-sanding, you can opt for different finishes, custom stains, or even decorative inlays and borders to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your wood floors. Our team can provide design recommendations based on your preferences.

Q: How can I enhance the durability of my sanded wood floors?

A: Applying a high-quality finish, using area rugs in high-traffic areas, and following a regular maintenance routine can enhance the durability and longevity of your sanded wood floors.

Q: What are my options for refinishing my wood floors after sanding?

A: After sanding, you can choose from various refinishing options, including water-based polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane, penetrating oil finishes, and custom stains. Each option offers different levels of durability, appearance, and maintenance requirements.

Q: How long does it take for the finish to dry?

A: Drying times vary depending on the type of finish used. Water-based finishes typically dry within 24 hours, while oil-based finishes may take 48 to 72 hours to cure fully. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best results.

Q: Can I walk on my floors immediately after they are refinished?

A: It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours before walking on your newly refinished floors and to avoid placing the furniture back on the floor for at least 48 to 72 hours to ensure the finish has fully cured.

Q: Can you customise the look of my wood floors after sanding?

A: Absolutely. After sanding, you can choose from various stains and finishes to customise the appearance of your floors. We offer bespoke design solutions that match your interior decor and personal preferences.

Q: What design options are available for wood floor refinishing?

A: We offer a range of design options, including custom stains, decorative inlays, borders, and unique finishing techniques. Our team can help you choose the best options to enhance the beauty and value of your wood floors.

Q: What factors influence the cost of wood floor sanding?

A: Several factors influence the cost, including the size of the area, the condition of the floors, the type of finish desired, and any additional services such as staining or repairs. We provide detailed quotes to ensure transparency and value for your investment.

Q: How can I get an accurate quote for wood floor sanding in Leicester?

A: Contact Martin Allen Flooring for a free consultation and quote. Our experts will assess your floors, discuss your requirements, and provide a detailed estimate based on your needs.

Q: Do you offer other wood floor services besides sanding?

A: Yes, Martin Allen offers a range of wood floor services, including installation, repairs, staining, and maintenance. We serve residential and commercial clients nationwide, including those close to home in Leicester and nearby areas.

Q: Can you repair damaged sections of my wood floor before sanding?

A: Yes, our team can repair damaged sections, including replacing broken or warped boards, before proceeding with the sanding process. This ensures a smooth and even finish for your floors.

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