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Expert Installation & Maintenance of Premium Plank Engineered Flooring in Leicester & UK-wide

Plank-engineered flooring combines natural wood beauty and modern engineering, providing exceptional durability and versatility for residential and commercial spaces. At Martin Allen Flooring, we specialise in the expert installation, maintenance, and repair of premium plank-engineered flooring throughout Leicester and across the UK.

Our comprehensive service covers every aspect of your flooring project, from initial consultation and product selection to meticulous installation and ongoing maintenance. Whether you’re renovating a period home in Leicester, upgrading your office in London, or refurbishing a retail space anywhere in the UK, our team of skilled craftsmen ensures a flawless finish that enhances the beauty and value of your property.

With a wide range of wood species, finishes, and plank sizes available, plank-engineered flooring can be tailored to suit any interior design style, from traditional to contemporary. Our expert team guides you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the perfect flooring solution for your specific needs and budget.

Discover how our professional plank-engineered flooring services can transform your space. Contact Martin Allen today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards beautiful, durable floors that will stand the test of time.

What is Plank Engineered Flooring?

Wood Flooring

Plank-engineered flooring is a sophisticated solution that combines natural wood’s beauty with advanced manufacturing techniques. This innovative product consists of multiple layers, offering superior stability and versatility compared to traditional solid hardwood flooring.

Key features of plank-engineered flooring include:

  • Layered Construction: A top layer of high-quality hardwood veneer bonded to multiple layers of plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF)
  • Wide Planks: Typically available in wider widths than solid hardwood, creating a spacious, modern aesthetic
  • Dimensional Stability: Engineered construction minimizes expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity changes
  • Versatile Installation: Suitable for various subfloors, including concrete and over-radiant heating systems
  • Various Wood Species: Available in a range of hardwoods, including oak, walnut, maple, and exotic species
  • Multiple Finish Options: Pre-finished or site-finished to suit your specific needs

Plank-engineered flooring offers the warmth and character of solid wood while providing enhanced durability and moisture resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for residential and commercial spaces, including areas where solid hardwood may not be suitable, such as basements or rooms with higher humidity levels.

With its combination of aesthetics, performance, and versatility, plank-engineered flooring represents the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern flooring technology.


Benefits of Plank Engineered Flooring



Resistant to warping, cupping, and shrinking
Ideal for areas with fluctuating humidity levels
Withstands heavy foot traffic in both residential and commercial spaces
Long-lasting performance, often outliving solid hardwood alternatives


Suitable for installation over various subfloors, including concrete
Compatible with underfloor heating systems
Can be floated, glued down, or nailed, depending on the subfloor
Ideal for both above and below grade installations


Available in numerous wood species, from classic oak to exotic hardwoods
Variety of plank widths, including wider boards for modern, spacious looks
Multiple finish options: pre-finished or site-finished for customisation
Diverse texture choices: smooth, hand-scraped, or distressed surfaces


Uses less hardwood than solid timber floors, conserving valuable resources
Often made from sustainably sourced materials
Lower initial cost compared to solid hardwood flooring
Reduced long-term expenses due to easier maintenance and repairs

Transform Your Space with Premium Plank Engineered Flooring

Martin Allen Flooring is your trusted partner for expert installation, maintenance, and repair services in Leicester and across the UK.

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With over three decades of experience, Martin Allen Flooring has established itself as Leicester’s premier plank engineered flooring specialist. Our team of master craftsmen combines time-honored techniques with cutting-edge installation methods to deliver exceptional results for every project, from historic home renovations to modern commercial fit-outs across the East Midlands and beyond.


At Martin Allen Flooring, we’re dedicated to exceeding client expectations. We source only the finest plank engineered flooring materials, partnering with renowned manufacturers to ensure durability and aesthetic excellence. Our meticulous attention to detail, from subfloor preparation to final finishing, has earned us a reputation as the go-to flooring experts in Leicester and surrounding areas.


We offer a complete range of plank engineered flooring services, eliminating the need for multiple contractors. From initial consultation and moisture testing to expert installation, finishing, and long-term maintenance, Martin Allen Flooring provides end-to-end solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Our local knowledge, combined with nationwide capabilities, ensures we can meet all your flooring needs, whether you’re in Leicester city centre or anywhere in the UK.

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Our Process

At Martin Allen Flooring, we follow a meticulous, step-by-step process to ensure the highest quality installation of your plank engineered flooring. This process ensures that whether we're installing plank engineered flooring in a Leicester home or a London office, every project receives the same level of dedication and expertise. Our comprehensive approach guarantees stunning results and long-lasting performance.

We begin by thoroughly evaluating your space and requirements. Then, our experts visit your location to assess the subfloor condition, measure the area, and discuss your design preferences and practical needs.

  • On-site evaluation of the installation area
  • Discussion of wood species, finishes, and plank sizes
  • Assessment of subfloor condition and required preparation
  • Consideration of environmental factors (humidity, temperature, etc.)

Based on our assessment and your preferences, we help you select the perfect plank-engineered flooring for your space. We then prepare the materials and the site for installation.

  • Assistance in choosing the ideal wood species and finish
  • Ordering of materials from trusted suppliers
  • Acclimation of flooring materials to your space’s environment
  • Thorough subfloor preparation, including levelling and moisture barriers if necessary

Our skilled craftsmen carry out the installation with precision and care, ensuring a flawless finish that enhances the beauty of your space.

  • Proper layout and spacing of planks for optimal aesthetics
  • Use of appropriate installation methods (floating, glue-down, or nail-down)
  • Careful attention to detail around corners, transitions, and fixtures
  • Application of final finishes or treatments as required

We conduct a rigorous quality inspection to ensure every aspect of the installation meets our high standards. We then provide you with care instructions and warranty information.

  • Thorough inspection of the installed flooring
  • Cleaning and preparation of the new floor for immediate use
  • Provision of detailed maintenance guidelines
  • Walk-through with the client for final approval

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

Q: Is plank-engineered flooring compatible with underfloor heating?

A: Yes, plank-engineered flooring is an excellent choice for use with underfloor heating systems. Its layered construction provides superior stability and heat distribution compared to solid hardwood.

Q: Are there any special considerations for installation over underfloor heating?

A: While compatible, following manufacturer guidelines for maximum temperature settings and proper installation techniques is crucial. Our wood flooring experts at Martin Allen ensure optimal performance by:

  • Selecting appropriate wood species and thicknesses
  • Using compatible adhesives and underlayments
  • Properly acclimating the flooring before installation
  • Gradually increasing heating system temperature after installation

Q: Will underfloor heating affect the warranty of my plank-engineered flooring?

A: When installed correctly by professionals like Martin Allen Flooring & French Polishing, plank-engineered flooring with underfloor heating typically doesn’t void warranties. We ensure compliance with all manufacturer specifications to maintain your warranty coverage.

Q: Is plank-engineered flooring as durable as solid hardwood?

A: Plank-engineered flooring often surpasses solid hardwood in durability, especially in challenging environments. Its layered construction provides:

  • Better resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations
  • Reduced risk of warping, cupping, or shrinking
  • Excellent stability in varying humidity levels

Q: What are the maintenance requirements for plank-engineered flooring?

A: Maintenance for plank engineered flooring is generally simpler than for solid hardwood:

  • Regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping
  • Use of manufacturer-recommended cleaning products
  • Immediate cleaning of spills to prevent staining
  • Periodic professional deep cleaning for high-traffic areas

Q: Can plank-engineered flooring be refinished like solid hardwood?

A: Yes, most plank-engineered flooring can be refinished, though the number of times depends on the thickness of the wear layer. High-quality products installed by Martin Allen Flooring typically allow for 1-3 refinishing cycles over their lifetime.

Q: What are the most popular wood species for plank-engineered flooring?

A: At Martin Allen Flooring, we offer a wide range of wood species to suit various aesthetics and durability needs:

Q: How do I choose the right wood species for my space?

A: Consider factors such as:

  • The level of foot traffic in the area
  • Your desired aesthetic (color, grain pattern)
  • The overall style of your space (traditional, modern, rustic)
  • Budget considerations

Our wood flooring experts at Martin Allen can guide you through the selection process, ensuring you choose the perfect wood species for your residential or commercial project in Leicester or anywhere in the UK.

Q: Can plank-engineered flooring withstand heavy foot traffic in commercial environments?

A: Absolutely. Plank-engineered flooring is an excellent choice for commercial spaces due to its durability and stability. It’s particularly well-suited for:

  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare facilities

Q: Are there specific finishes recommended for commercial installations?

A: For commercial applications, we often recommend:

  • Higher AC ratings for increased wear resistance
  • Commercial-grade finishes for enhanced durability
  • Textured surfaces to help hide scratches and scuffs

Q: How does the installation process differ for commercial projects?

A: Commercial installations often require:

  • More extensive subfloor preparation
  • Consideration of acoustics and sound dampening
  • Adherence to commercial building codes and regulations
  • Scheduling to minimise business disruption

Martin Allen has extensive experience in commercial plank-engineered flooring installations across Leicester and the UK, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum durability for your business.

Q: Is plank-engineered flooring an eco-friendly choice?

A: Plank engineered flooring can be a more environmentally conscious choice than solid hardwood because:

  • It uses less of the slow-growing hardwood species
  • Many options are made with sustainably sourced materials
  • Its durability means less frequent replacement

Q: Are there any certifications I should look for when choosing eco-friendly plank-engineered flooring?

A: Yes, look for flooring with certifications such as:

At Martin Allen, we offer a range of environmentally responsible plank-engineered flooring options for residential and commercial projects in Leicester and across the UK.

Q: Does Martin Allen Flooring offer wide plank-engineered flooring options in Leicester?

A: Absolutely. As the leading East Midlands flooring expert, we provide various plank-engineered flooring options, including popular wide and long plank styles. These broader planks can create a spacious, modern look in both residential and commercial spaces across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing wide plank-engineered flooring?

A: Wide plank engineered flooring offers several advantages:

  • Creates an illusion of more space, ideal for smaller rooms
  • Showcases the wood’s natural grain and character
  • Reduces the number of seams, resulting in a cleaner look
  • Suitable for both traditional and contemporary interiors

As Midlands flooring experts, we can help you select the perfect wide plank option for your project, ensuring it complements your space beautifully.

Q: How important is subfloor preparation for plank-engineered flooring?

A: Proper subfloor preparation is crucial for successfully installing plank-engineered flooring. As experienced flooring contractors in the East Midlands, we ensure that every substrate is properly prepared to guarantee the longevity and performance of your new floor.

Q: What steps are involved in subfloor preparation?

A: Our subfloor preparation process typically includes:

  • Thorough cleaning and removal of any debris
  • Levelling of uneven areas to ensure a flat surface
  • Moisture testing and application of moisture barriers, if necessary
  • Repair of any damaged areas in the existing subfloor
  • Installation of appropriate underlayment if required

By meticulously preparing the flooring substrate, we ensure your plank-engineered flooring looks beautiful and performs optimally for years.

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