Commercial Property

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We perform custom work for a range of business clients, and it is here that we earn our reputation. Our custom French polishing hardwood flooring and doors have graced casinos, hotels, executive offices, high-end property developments and even yachts.

If your project is crying out for a touch of class only achieved through authentic woodwork, Martin Allen is your preferred choice.

We offer the highest quality wood finishes on every project; lacquer, paint or commissioned colour matches that stand the test of time and bring grandeur and sophistication to any commercial environment.

For our expert finishing services, we lay new hardwood flooring in Ash, Oak, Walnut and Mahogany, plus bespoke requirements. We utilise our materials in ways that push the boundaries of architecture, bringing decadence to commercial settings as they take shape.

We have extensive industry knowledge working within the sector, working on projects from London to Paris and nationwide, and in our 25+ years in the trade, we have developed excellent relationships with clients. Get in touch today and talk to one of our experienced team about your project aspirations.

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