Oak flooring

Introduction to Wood Species: Oak

Here at Martin Allen – we know our wood floors. From the rich and deep cherry and mahogany parquets to the light and airy beech timber or solid oak – you could count the number of tree species we haven't worked with on the fingers of one hand. Not much can go by regarding the wood's quality and sustainability. Yet, few clients share the same knowledge and hands-on experience when…

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Oak overcladding stairs

Add value to your home with a hallway, stairs and landing renovation project: Changing From Carpet to Real Wood

Adding value to your home doesn't always mean you need to make it bigger—make it better. Whether you're looking to breathe some new life into your home, renovate a newly bought property, or sell your property at a higher value, your hallway, stairs, and landing are the perfect places to start. Most UK properties feature carpeted staircases manufactured from low-quality softwood, softwood and MDF mixtures. This is a cheap and…

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