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French Polishing: A Short History…

French polishing is a traditional wood finishing technique that originated as far back as the 15th century. It gained prominence in the early 18th century when French craftsmen refined today’s methods.

Polish is typically a mixture of shellac and alcohol, but true art lies in the meticulous and skilful application of the product onto wooden surfaces.

Over the centuries, French polishing has evolved and been perfected, becoming renowned for its unparalleled quality and beauty in woodwork. Its rich history and continuous refinement make it a time-tested and superior choice compared to modern finishing techniques.

At Martin Allen, we take pride in our expertise in French polishing and invite you to experience the timeless elegance and craftsmanship it can bring to your next project.

A premium choice

French polishing is a ‘class above’ as it does things other finishes can’t do. Unlike varnish, this polish penetrates the wood rather than sitting on the surface. This means that the polish never obscures the timber underneath and that a window into the subtle detail of the wood is always present.

It allows the wood to breathe and become more glorious with age as colours mature and timber shines through the finish.

Believe us when we say – it’s the only finish capable of these results.

Mahogany is a French polisher’s dream, so take note if you’ve chosen this wooden surface. When working with this particular material, applying a beautiful single film of surface polish is best instead of layering the finish in stages. With a little oil added as a lubricant, the polish will penetrate deep into the surface, better protecting the wood and creating a gorgeous finish seldom achieved through other techniques.

A finish for the long-haul

Another reason to choose French polishing is the longevity it affords all types of wood. Its ease of repair is also a factor.

We often return to clients to touch-up scratches, and we’ll tell you it’s a darn sight easier to achieve results on French polish than on low-quality finishes. This is another reason French polishing is popular for high-end commercial projects.

We encourage you to look for signs of French polishing in commercial environments. You can usually spot the quality a mile off.

French polishing has developed a reputation for being arduous, but nothing else gives us the same satisfaction at Martin Allen. The results we get for the effort we put in are worth it. We continue to take on new and exciting French polishing projects each year.

Choose French polishing

If you are looking to go the extra mile on your project, then we’d thoroughly recommend you choose French polishing. Talk to us on 01162 165 107 or use our Contact Us page. See where this age-old craft can take your commercial or domestic project.

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