bathroom wooden flooring

If you are toying with bathroom wooden flooring, read on. You might learn more than you bargained for.

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions in the trade: Can I have a wooden floor in my bathroom?

Here’s what we say: Given the right preparation, selection of materials, and aftercare, nothing stops you from having wooden bathroom flooring.

In fact, you can have wooden flooring just about anywhere you want.

Clients often get panicky at the thought of moisture irreversibly damaging something they’ve invested time and money in. However, the simple (and blunt) truth is that moisture will rot anything and everything in a room if surfaces and joints aren’t sealed.

Don’t let the ‘wood factor’ overrule your decision. If you were prepared to invest in something a bit special, you’d likely pay the same due care and attention to it after that, regardless of its material. There are many key factors to consider when installing a wood floor. Making the best choices at the start can help preserve your floor for generations to come.

The path to a happy bathroom floor

Once your new wood floor is installed, the next step is to consider the finish that will best protect it in its new environment. The two we recommend are lacquer and hard wax oil. Lacquer makes the hardwood flooring nearly waterproof and keeps maintenance (required on your part) to a minimum.

The protective coating over the wood formed by the lacquer will act as a steadfast shield from damage for the life of your floor.

Like paint, lacquer offers a choice—typically, a matt or satin finish. The finish you choose depends on your preference, but to help you make your decision, know that satin has a shine, whereas matt does not.

Thinking modern?

Think satin. A matt finish may be the best option for a rustic look.

If you want to create a more authentic look for your new bathroom floor, the natural complexion of hard wax oil will do the trick. The oil penetrates the wood deep down, affording a high level of protection from humidity and other elements you’d associate with a bathroom. It’s also kind to the environment, so what’s not to like?

Any more reservations?

If you’re still sceptical about installing a wood floor in a bathroom for fear of upkeep, ask yourself something. Has the same thought process ever stopped people from buying wooden garden furniture?

Is Homebase’s sales in free-fall because of the havoc a spot of rain may pose to your prized scaffold tables or Bali dining set?

Of course not, because people (and furniture manufacturers) take precautions to protect their assets.

On your side, it’s all about making minor adjustments to your living habits to prolong the lifespan of a stunning wooden floor.

Keeping your bathroom ventilated is not rocket science. Simple things like opening windows and installing a quality extractor fan make your bathroom a haven for any wooden floor.

Still, leaning to the side of caution?

Purchasing a cheap air humidity meter might be a way to have peace of mind.

Wooden bathroom flooring is a way of life, albeit a simple one.

So, in summary, nothing stops you from making your luxury bathroom a reality.

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