Town House, Leicester

Town House, Leicester
Mr & Mrs Patel

60 sq.m.

Home & Domestic

Reclaimed Wood flooring

A few years ago, we were asked towork on an exciting job in our home town Leicester. The client had purchased reclaimed wood pine blocks from an old church – an inventive selection on their behalf.

We were asked to fit the reclaimed pine to the customer’s hallway in a herringbone-style with a twin border. After the fitting, we sanded back the wood and filled any open joints, then lacquered the floor in a Bonakemi satin- lacquer finish. The space was beautifully transformed, traditional looking and all parties were pleased with the outcome.

Fast-forward two years, and we are back at the same property to start on something completely different. This time was the lounge required a wooden floor makeover– but more specifically – a set of stained dark brown pine floorboards. The wood in its current state made the room feel small, cold and uninviting – a shame considering the space’s potential with its white interior furnishing and curtains.

It was our job to make the floor complement its surroundings, so we sanded off the dark stain and applied a white-wiping stain to the (now) new-looking pine. We finished the job in a satin Junckers high-performance lacquer to sit perfectly alongside the white furnishings and give a modern balance alongside the traditional hallway flooring.

Sometimes, things are just meant to be.