Waldo Road, London

Waldo Road, London
Michael Brady

300 sq.m.

Home & Domestic

Dinerson Oil
Douglas Fir
Long wood boards
No Joins
White Lyee stain finish

A stone’s throw from Kesnal Green at one of London’s most sought-after postcode, Waldo Road was the scene for our next venture; one that stretched our skills to their maximum. Three houses, linked together, each with their unique differences, set to be brought together through something spectacular.

The material of choice was Dinersonn Douglas Fir wood boarding – a high-end selection for a high-end finish. Then, to push the project up a notch, a challenging request. Our client wanted no joints in the floors whatsoever. It was up to us to bring this seamless transition to life.

We began by machining each board to the drawings laid out during the initial planning and then started labelling each wooden floor board. The next phase was moving the wooden boards, some up to 8.5 metres long, into their new home. A challenge as getting some of the larger parts into the property was easier said than done.

When most of the 5+ metre boards were inside, the fitting process could be completed. We did not stop there, however, and as we lay the final touches on white lyee stain finish with two coats of Dinersonn Oil, our client’s eyes lit up as brilliantly as the floor.