La Tasca Restaurants, UK

La Tasca Restaurant, UK

Although most of our techniques are rooted in French inspiration, we are used to recreating flooring and polishing styles from a variety of skills and techniques. A prime example: refurbishing project of the La Tasca’s chain of Spanish tapas restaurants, in a project that took Martin Allen the length and breadth of the UK. From London, Sheffield and York to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, we kitted-out a total of 43 restaurants on this vast wood floor renovation project.

Each job would start on a Sunday evening. Then after a few hours’ sleep, we would be on site working all day Monday and Tuesday, with handovers each Wednesday. This created long working hours, and with each restaurant presenting its unique challenges, turning the vision into reality was easier said than done.

Working alongside other traders, we found ourselves mainly working with very dark wood. For each floor surface, we sanded off the dated, dark colour and refinished each wood board to a natural effect using hard-wearing high-performance lacquer, by Junckers. We also stripped and repolished the wooden bar tops in an A/C lacquer. At a few stops on tour, we went a step further, laying new wood oak floors to transform the appearance of the restaurant completely.

This project lasted 12 months in total – and after clocking up the miles (air miles included in our Scottish excursions) – the results were undoubtedly worth the effort. So next time you are eating at La Tasca Restaurant, take a look at the wood floors we laid.

La Tasca Restaurant, UK (43 sites)
Bank of Iceland

3,000+ sq.m.


Multiple sites
A/C Lacquer
Junckers lacquer
Oak wood flooring
Refurbishment project