Holland Park, London

Holland Park, London

Thermo Oak, luxury redefined

In 2015, we were asked by one of our favourite contractors to work at the United Emirates ambassador’s home on a Thermo Oak project.

First of all, we used and laid a product called Thermo Oak – a heavily smoked oak that gives off a very dark brown colour.

Furthermore, we were asked to stain the wood almost black, finishing it off in a matt Junkers lacquer. Our team laid most of the rooms in the home, and despite some of the rooms being marble, we were able to keep a consistent theme by laying wooden borders around the marble.

Finally, we French polished the existing mahogany handrail to match the floor. This completed a very plush look for a unique and special client.

United Emirates Ambassador

400+ sq.m.

Home & Domestic

French Polishing
Junkers Lacquer
Oak Floor Fitting