Croft House, Leicestershire

Croft House, Leicestershire

Fitted oak boards – collaboration.

This fitted oak boards project was a unique collaboration with Ultra Interior. The destination was Croft, Leicestershire, and a beautiful property befitting of the task at hand. Our objective was to work together to create something truly unique for the client.

First of all, we cut identical sawn boards into different sizes. The aim was to create a traditional but a timeless flagstone effect. Each piece was stained in an antiquated medium oak colour and finished in a semi-matt lacquer at our Leicester spray workshop. On-site, our skilled technicians, fitted oak boards in their planned flagstone pattern, creating a flawless finish.

Furthermore, the complex nature of the work throughout the project – from planning through to execution – proved extremely rewarding. While this was not a typical job, everyone involved enjoyed solving the challenge at hand.

In conclusion, we were equally pleased with the result as our client. Ultimately, prior planning was fundamental to this project’s success.

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