Bespoke & Specialist Wood Floor Fitters

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Martin Allen offers clients complete creative licence. By combining raw materials with imagination, we help bring your bespoke project a reality. Unique flooring patterns, colour matching, French polishing, refined inlays and mixed materials are essential elements in the artistic process. With your guidance and our expertise, understated flamboyance is the result.

Let us do the groundwork on your colourfast floor finish – we will match the perfect colour to create something unique. Bring your family or commercial space to a place that’s beyond the ordinary, then sit back and admire the effects.

Artistic freedom is an indispensable component in bespoke patterned parquet flooring. That is why we will work with your ideas to bring them to life. You will soon find that although a picture paints a thousand words, seeing it in wood paints a thousand more.

The possibilities do not stop there. Ask us about merging materials on the same floor and behold rustic charisma at its finest. Whatever your idea, one conversation with our expert team is the first step in making it a reality.

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